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  • Nick Pye

Sustainable manufacturing – some learnings from the front line

5 key tensions we are seeing in #manufacturing and #industrial sectors in tackling sustainability challenges...

#Manufacturing and #industrial businesses face very specific challenges when tackling #sustainability - driven by a combination of ambitious #targets, asset heavy #businessmodels and significant #impacts on both people and planet:

Based on our recent experience, sustainability creates several tensions:

1. Demonstrating #commitment & progress in the short-term, investing in the long term whilst still delivering the short-term financial goals

2. Ensuring that sustainability is seen internally as an #opportunity not a cost centre -especially when sustainability has not, historically, been a core focus of the business

3. Pressure from #regulations and aggressive targets driving quick but fragmented activities…but lacking scale and a joined up story

4. Current operations and reinvention of core operations of the business - ensuring you invest in and support #disruptiveinnovation at scale to drive real impact

5. High impact/scale sustainability work is struggling to become part of business as usual and this is resulting in a #performance gap on sustainability

If you want to know more about how leading players are managing these tensions and what best practice is looking like now, then please contact Rebecca Poole or any of the team.

Mangrove Consulting is a good growth consultancy – helping accelerate businesses who are committed to 'going good'. We have experience in a range of sectors including energy, construction, manufacturing, transport/fleet management, agriculture and beyond.

We have broad experience of across connected #strategy (connecting growth and sustainability), innovation (including #circularity) and helping build #capabilities with commercial teams.


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