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  • Justin Wright

Sustainability is no laughing matter, or is it?

kay, we know the future of the planet is a serious issue. So do most people by now. Even the deniers are being shamed into action by their better-educated kids.

The trouble with such serious topics is most mainstream audiences are reluctant to engage with them. There’s enough doom and gloom to go around right now, so who needs to be guilt-tripped about not washing out their empty yogurt pots?

Maybe there’s a more light-hearted way to get the masses engaged in sustainability? The folks behind the irreverent water brand Liquid Death certainly think so – and we would agree, having wasted a few hours on their website this week. Founder Mike Cessario claims the brand mission is to ‘make health and sustainability 50 times more fun.’ This involves using a female porn star to encourage drinkers to ‘not f**k the planet’, creating a recycling ‘glory hole’ endorsed by comedian Tom Segura and recruiting a Chief Sustainability Associate in the form of actor Chace Crawford - reprising his role as the quirky aquatic crimefighter from Amazon PrimeVideo's The Boys.

Liquid Death’s approach to recycling

Gartner Hype Chart

Serious messages delivered openly and with tongue firmly in cheek. Not only does it cut-through the noise of overly earnest brand messaging, it helps drive the positioning and attitude of the Liquid Death brand.

Take a look for yourself.....a great lesson in understanding your core target audience and how to make sustainability engaging.

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