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  • Nick Pye

Are you a Sustainability Superhero?: The power of courage with a “little c”

Driving the sustainability in big companies undoubtedly requires courage. Almost by definition it means swimming against the tide of existing ways of working and fighting the antibodies of the organisation designed to snuff out the threat of any change to BAU.

Are you a Sustainability Superhero?

This week we’ve been discussing the difference between two different types of courage required to make sustainability happen:

  • “Big C” courage – making big, heroic statements and commitments – usually setting targets and signposting positive intent\

  • “Little c” courage – making the difficult everyday decisions and fighting the micro-battles that propel the journey towards your goals

This week we raise a glass to the front-line sustainability practitioners, the everyday heroes who are holding the line with their acts of “little c” courage. It’s far easier for leaders to set a bold 10 yr target than it is for those tasked to deliver it to constantly fight against the organisation to ensure the commitment that results in progress towards it. Uncomfortable truths, stark investment decisions, data contradictions – these are the daily challenges that require bags of “little c” courage. That’s why working in a sustainability role can feel lonely and wearing - constantly pushing against the system and short-term financial pressures. We feel your pain.

So to the sustainability managers, CR teams, individuals hammering the impact spreadsheets and those polishing the presentations – all of you pedalling hard to secure the funding and commitment of the wider business needed to make real change – we see you and we salute you!

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